Excitement at the Autumn NEF Conference

Excitement at the Autumn NEF Conference

Once again, RoomSketcher was an active participant and sponsor of the Norwegian Association of Real Estate (NEF) autumn conference in Oslo. The conference is the largest of its kind and gathers real estate agents, subject matter experts, directors and suppliers from across the industry in order to exchange expertise and experience, as well as enjoy a great social event. Peter Rånås, Marketing Manager at NEF, was excited by the turnout and quality of this year’s conference – “This is an important gathering, both socially and academically, of the industry’s most influential players – we need to have these informal gatherings in order to stay up to date on what’s moving in our industry”.

RoomSketcher contributed on the technical, product innovation side, and there was great interest among real estate agents during the demonstrations of RoomSketcher features and products, including RoomSketcher Home Designer, professional floor plans, and interactive 3D Walk.

RoomSketcher’s innovative products have been a welcome addition to the industry, particularly in interactive property visualization adapted for used home sales, new property development and recently, commercial real estate. Several of the largest real estate chains in Norway have discovered that RoomSketcher brings value to potential home buyers by helping them visualize homes, furnish with real furniture and view in 3D, all in a fast, easy and user-friendly way. Over the past year, RoomSketcher has seen a dramatic increase in online property listings using the interactive products Home Designer and 3D Walk, and we are excited to see this trend increasing further.

RoomSketcher, always the friendly company, handed out cold Coca Colas to tired conference attendees on the morning after the big conference dinner. In addition, we handed out a gift to one of the real estate agents – a MacBook Air.


What would you do if you found yourself with a MacBook Air? Keep it? Sell it? Or give it away for Christmas?