How To Draw From a Blueprint

How To Draw From a Blueprint

Did you know you can upload a blueprint, floorplan or even a sketch to use as a reference when drawing a RoomSketcher project?  This is a great way to turn your static 2D floor plans into flexible and dynamic 3D floor plans. Use the blueprint as a handy reference to create your project, scale it and draw directly over it to save time!


Getting Started

Drawing from a blueprint is a great way to get projects started quickly. To draw from a blueprint, you need to have a RoomSketcher Pro subscription. To add this feature, simply upgrade your subscription from your account page.

If you are new to RoomSketcher and you would like some tips on how to get started and draw in RoomSketcher, check out this article first!

Uploading and Scaling Your Blueprint

Before you upload your blueprint make sure that it is in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. If the blueprint is on paper, you can scan it or even just take a photo of it to save it to your computer. The maximum file size for a blueprint is 5 MB, so make sure your file size does not exceed this.

Once you have uploaded your blueprint, you can scale it to the correct size. This makes it easier to draw over and will save you lots time!  This short video will show you how it works:


Draw from a Blueprint

As you saw in the video, drawing from a blueprint is as easy as 1, 2, 3. This help desk article will walk you through each step.

While you draw your floor plan, a 3D model of your floor plan is being generated simultaneously – no additional drawing is necessary. Once you are done drawing your floor plan, add finishes, fixtures and furnishings – and visualize your project in 3D!

Turn your static 2D floor plans into dynamic 3D floor plans today – with RoomSketcher Pro!


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