Don’t Get Left Behind in 2015 – The Year of the Virtual Tour!

RoomSketcher Virtual Tours

How do you get your property listing to stand out? Do you post the best photos? Do you write the best description? Do you share links on every social media site possible, hoping that boosting your traffic will do the selling for you?

Estate agents and realtors all want the same thing: to sell more property. But real estate can be a cutthroat world, and in 2015, web-savvy customers want to be engaged and entertained on a whole different level.

Luckily, you have a tool at your disposal that you might not have been aware of. Virtual tours have become a prominent feature of the major property listing sites, and with RoomSketcher you have an affordable way to create Live 3D virtual tours – quickly and easily. So get going, embrace this feature and get your virtual tour out there! And be sure that RoomSketcher will be there to help you every step of the way.

The Benefits of Virtual Tours

Every estate agent or realtor dreams of hearing the word: “I could definitely see myself living here.” This is the kind of statement that sell houses. But as nice as photos are, they only present a fixed perspective. Property descriptions help, but they have more of a rational appeal than an emotional one—and it’s the latter of the two that’s going to help you close deals.

A virtual tour adds something exciting to your property listing. Prospective homebuyers can access Live 3D Floor Plans, that allow them to explore a fully furnished home from every angle. Outside of buyers actually walking the properties themselves, virtual tours are the next best thing. RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans are ideally suited for this task and they are also very easy to include in your listing.

To really seal the deal, let your prospects customize your virtual listing using RoomSketcher Home Designer. When visitors to your listing see that they can both explore your floor plans as well as add or remove any furniture, fixtures and artwork, they’ll feel right at home in no time.

“RoomSketcher is dedicated when it comes to drawing professional floor plans—with an excellent customer service and fantastic Live 3D plans too!”
David Clark — Director at David Clark & Company


Property listing with Virtual Tours

Most major property sites now offer dedicated virtual tour tabs on their listing pages, so all that’s left for you to do is post your RoomSketcher-powered Live 3D Floor Plan and start spreading the word.

See it in Action

You can view Live 3D Floor Plans in three exciting ways – Fly over the floor plan to get a clear overview of the layout, navigate through the space with an avatar or walk around viewing rooms as if you are actually there. Take a Live 3D virtual tour and see for yourself! Open Virtual Tour

RoomSketcher Live 3D Interactive Floor Plans Virtual Tour Feature

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to take your floor plans to the next level?  Sign up for a RoomSketcher Pro Subscription today and start engaging your customers with RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans.

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