Be your own architect and interior designer at Hellvik Hus housing manufacturer

Be your own architect and interior designer at Hellvik Hus housing manufacturer
Hellvik Hus - Arvesølv

Hellvik Hus has launched their brand new website, where RoomSketcher plays an important role when it comes to visualizing the new property potential.

Buying a home is often the single most important, largest investment in people’s lives. Achieving the goal of homeownership requires exploration and devotion. Therefore, it is great to have an extra tool where you can go on a viewing over and over again so that you can be more confident when it comes to making one of the biggest purchases in your life.

Hellvik Hus is committed to quality, and it applies not only to their houses. But also the way they present their products to the customer, so they get the best experience when they build their new house.A home isn’t just a house. It’s also a location and a lifestyle. RoomSketcher is used on the site to help visitors personalize the home, before building even starts. Visitors can move walls, place furniture and change out the standard interior making the house building process as time and cost effective as possible. 

Paulfrid Hegrestad, Marketing Director at Hellvik Hus, thinks RoomSketcher will help their visitors in the house buying process.

“You can be your own architect and decorate your Hellvik house. An easy to use drawing tool that lets you easily move walls, place furniture where you want and see the result immediately in 3D images. Our customers can bring their floor plan in their desired customizations to us, so that we, Hellvik Hus can help you as best we can to realize the costumers dream.”

Hellvik Hus is a Norwegian housing manufacturer, check out their website here: