DIY Room Divider

DIY Room Divider

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Looking for DIY room divider ideas? Try an open shelving unit to create a simple and functional room divider.

Open living spaces can have their benefits – great light and a sense of spaciousness. However, they do require a little organization to function well. A room divider is a great way to organize an open living space without losing that sense of spaciousness. One of the best and easiest ways to create a room divider is with an open shelving unit. Open shelving units provide additional storage and are great for displaying favorite objects and accessories.

In this open living space, we used an Ikea Expedit shelving unit to separate the dining area from the living area. The newer version of this Ikea shelving unit system is called Kallax. Shelving units like these come in multiple sizes, which make them a perfect “go-to” for a room divider. You can use high units or low units, either will do the trick, without making your living space feel smaller.

RoomSketcher 3D floor plan of open living space layout with DIY room divider

Here are a few of our favorite open shelving units that make great DIY room dividers. Use them alone or place two or three of them together in a row:

Favorite open shelving units to use as room dividers

Spotlight etagere by Crate & Barrel, Seagram bookcase by Arketipo, Trekker Industrial Shelf by Ethan Allen

To organize an open shelving unit, locate larger items and closed storage at the bottom of the shelving unit. Keep average size books in the low to middle shelves. Place smaller items on the upper shelves to keep that open feel. Mix in a few decorative objects to personalize your room divider and make it a fun and useful addition to your living space.

DIY Room Divider - Open shelving unit creates living and dining space

These DIY room divider ideas were created using RoomSketcher Home Designer. You can see the complete living room design here – See DIY Room Divider Project.

You can use RoomSketcher to see how a room divider will work in your living space too! Learn how to Visualize YOUR Interior Design Ideas with RoomSketcher.


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