Effective Property Marketing of Vacation Homes

Effective Property Marketing of Vacation Homes

How do you maximize the revenue potential of your vacation home? What inspires travelers as they browse places to stay for their next vacation? These are key questions to consider when marketing your vacation home.

Making your property stand out from the competition will ultimately lead to more bookings. And perhaps more importantly, providing clear information to potential vacationers – so that you correctly match your property to the most suited guests – ensures you receive high guest ratings, repeat business, and benefit from referral marketing.

There are many factors to consider when marketing your vacation home and they will depend highly on the specific property and the type of guests you are appealing to. Here is a handy guide to use when you develop or update your vacation property marketing.

1)  Location
Location is possibly the most important factor when deciding where to stay. Be sure to highlight the benefits of your location. Is the property within easy walking distance to restaurants, bars & nightlife? Near public transportation? If there’s a beach nearby – state how many minutes the walk to it is, or indicate the distance. Proximity to the airport should be clearly stated so guests can factor it into their overall traveling time.

Tips on local restaurants and bars can go a long way, especially if they are busy during peak holiday seasons and may require a table reservation well in advance. Bars are a more controversial one to recommend, so we suggest offering a variety to try and match the potential requirements of your expected clientele.

If you have a world class golf course or perhaps a sea life center close by, it will definitely be worth a mention. Similarly with local theme parks, museums, theatres and a whole host of other tourist attractions you may have in the local area. These will all add to the appeal of your vacation property.

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2)  Parking

If there is parking available – is it free or does it come with a charge? Do you have disabled parking spaces? Perhaps you offer a free charging point for owners of an electrical car. Is it covered or uncovered parking? Covered parking is a great benefit to mention when marketing a winter vacation property where there might be 3 feet of snow overnight!

3)  Noise levels
Don’t underestimate the impact that noise from local bars, restaurants and night clubs will have on your guests stay. Also, consider if there can be any expected noise overhead from the flight path of a local airport or a nearby train line. Many travelers won’t mind a bit of noise if they have been warned about it first.

4)  Access to Public transport
Be specific here, exactly how far is it to the local bus & train stops? Which routes do they connect to? In many cases, people will come via car, however, you should accommodate for those that don’t. This is particularly important if you are appealing to families with young children so they can plan their days out in advance.

5)  Amenities
A simple list of the amenities that come with the property would normally be sufficient here.  Does your vacation home come with a TV, microwave, fridge, and freezer? Is there also a washing machine? This is particularly important if it is the type of property being rented out for long periods of time. If there is a local beach nearby, do you offer surfboards to your guests included in the price? Perhaps your vacation home is in an area that’s great for cycling, in which case you should mention if there are bicycles included. You should include anything that’s a benefit to your guests in the list of amenities.

6)  Sense of Space and the Layout
Of course, you’ll want to note the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the maximum number of guests. However, you can help potential renters to better understand the layout of your vacation home significantly by including high-quality 2D or 3D Floor Plans. Provide an extra level of comfort prior to booking, by allowing vacationers to truly understand the size of the rooms, the layout of the property, and how well their family will fit into the space.

You can even take the presentation even further, by allowing potential guests to take an interactive Live 3D virtual home tour. With Live 3D your guests can view and visualize themselves relaxing before they even arrive. Make your vacation home Stand Out From The Crowd with high quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans and Live 3D from RoomSketcher.

Best of all, you can draw your floor plans yourself using RoomSketcher Home Designer, our easy-to-use online home design and floor plan tool.

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