Highlights from the Ideal Home Show 2014 in London

The Ideal Home Show At Earls Court Arena

From March 14th to March 30th the UK’s biggest home show takes place at Earl’s Court in the heart of London. The 106 year-old home show has a long-established reputation for introducing the British public to new home ideas, furniture and electronics. It is a huge event that manages to pack in 100s of exhibitors from across the world, showing off everything from whole built houses to the latest curved-screen televisions by LG.

At RoomSketcher we are always keen to find out about the latest trends in interior design and furniture. Because of this, our furniture and fittings catalogue in RoomSketcher Home Designer mirrors both the latest and the most popular interior styles from across the world. Last week we visited the home show to see what the latest in British home design and furnishings had to offer.


The Show Homes

The Pince’s Foundation Show Homes

The centerpieces of the event are four complete houses built inside the main exhibition hall, showing off beautifully designed interiors filled with furniture, fittings and the latest energy saving technology. The most popular houses were the three Prince’s Foundation houses that will be visited by Prince Charles later in the show. These houses are built, designed and furnished in a uniquely British style that blends tradition and heritage with sustainability. They also demonstrate the latest in pre fabrication and building techniques – having only been constructed, fitted and furnished in two days before the start of the show.


The Ideal Interiors

Beautiful Display Rooms By Ideal Home Magazines Designers

The Ideal Home magazine room sets offer visitors an opportunity to look at truly picturesque rooms set-up with the most stylish British furniture and fittings. These are a great source of inspiration and ideas for selecting color palettes and home decorations.


The Weird and Wonderful Furnishings

The diversity of products, furniture and fittings on display will always exceed the imagination at the Ideal Home Show. You cannot fully prepare yourself to see furniture made out of cardboard, a bathroom in a conservatory or a cushion that charges your phone when you sit on it. Any visitor could easily get find themselves laden with home-ware goods by the end of the show. Some visitors had even planned ahead and brought huge bags on wheels to the show so all of their purchases didn’t become a burden as they walked around the show.

Overall the Ideal Home Show is an experience within itself, where for 17 days in spring nearly 300,000 Brits converge on London’s iconic exhibition centre to learn, shop and browse the world’s biggest pop-up furniture shop. The show is still open until the end of this week, tickets are still available.


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