How To Create Multiple Project Options – and Save Credits!

RoomSketcher How To Create Multiple Project Options

Have you wondered when saving or updating one of your projects:

“What is the difference between Save or Save As?”


“What is the best way to create a couple of versions of this project?”

You are not alone! These are some of the most common questions RoomSketcher users ask. There IS a difference between the Save and Save As commands and when you use them correctly – it can save you credits!

Here is an explanation of how each command works and our top recommendations on how to use Save, Save As and New Level effectively to create multiple versions of your projects.


1) Save

Use the Save command when you want to save updates or changes to a current project. The Save command does not cost any additional credits, because you are working within an existing project.

How To Use Save


2) Save As

The Save As command will create a copy of an existing project. A new project is being generated, so this will cost an additional one (1) credit.

How To Use Save As
Here are some examples of when to use Save As:

Creating Floor Plan Options: You have an Existing Floor Plan, either that you have drawn yourself or that you have received using the Ready-Made service, which you want to preserve. Use Save As to create a copy and make your changes in the copy. This way, your original is always available.

Creating Record Copies: Professional users often need to document their projects as they go; there are two methods you can use to create Record Drawings.

  1. You can either print or download a PDF copy of your drawings and save them outside of RoomSketcher
  2. You can use Save As to create a record copy that will be saved within RoomSketcher. When creating a Record Copy – our top tip is to use the Project Name, Type of Drawing, and Date of Issue. For example: 123 Lakeview Drive – Approved Design, 16/01/2015


3) Creating Multiple Project Options with New Level

What about Creating Multiple Options of a project? It’s always cool and fun to try out different furniture layouts, kitchen layouts and even wall changes. RoomSketcher is an ideal tool to do this with!

Sometimes, we need to compare different layouts to find the best solution or we need to make options to show a spouse or contractor. For our professional users, you need to create multiple layouts and project options every day for your clients to review.

To do this effectively, you can use the New Level command. Create multiple options for review within your project. You can create up to three (3) Levels (or Options) without spending any additional credits because you are still working in the same project.

How To Open New Level Tool
You can find the New Level command in the top menu bar, in the drop down menu below your project name. Select “New Level”, and a new copy of your existing floor plan will be created. Our top tip is to name your new levels – Option 1, 2, 3, etc… Then make your changes. You can delete old options as your design progresses to save space.
How To Create A New Level OR Project Option

Now you know how to create multiple versions of your projects effectively and that saving credits is as easy as 1, 2 or 3 with RoomSketcher.

Happy Option Making!

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