How to draw a balcony

How to draw a balcony

Springtime is officially here and the sun is shining!

Outdoor space is a key ingredient when it comes to lovely exterior and first impression to your home. Sometimes it can be difficult to plan how your outdoor space should look like, RoomSketcher is the ideal tool to help you – you can sketch up your balcony, and furnish it up in no time!

Follow along in the video to see just how easy it is, and then you’ll have your virtual dream balcony in the blink of an eye!

After you’ve created your balcony – furnish it with loads of different furniture. RoomSketcher has lots and lots of outdoor furniture to choose from, simply search for your favorite brand or item and then drag and drop into your balcony.

outdoor tool, select furniture

Use the camera to take snapshots, and then upgrade your favorite snapshots to high-resolution 3D Photos.

inspiration 3d photos roomsketcher

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