How To Match Paint Colors In RoomSketcher

How To Match Paint Colors in RoomSketcher

Did you know that you can match brand name paint colors in RoomSketcher? You can! AND you can match Corian, laminates, MDF and other solid surface colors too using this same technique.

Meet the Custom Color Picker

RoomSketcher Home Designer has a Custom Color Picker for greater flexibility when you need to match a paint or finish color. You can use this tool to find a match for a brand name paint color OR to find a custom color that you might want to find a paint match for. Here are the steps:

  • Select either the room or the wall you would like to apply the color to.

  • Open Properties and click the Select Wall Material button. This opens the Choose Wall Material menu.

  • Click on the Color window to opens the Custom Color Picker. Here you will see an array of colors. Each color has a unique code – called a “hex code”.

Find Paint Color Match

Most paint companies publish the hex codes for their paint colors but a few companies do not. However, it’s easy to find the hex code with a quick internet search.

  • Search – hex code + paint brand + paint color name + paint color #

  • Note down the HEX code and enter it in the color code field to get the color match.

RoomSketcher Match Paint Color Using Hex Code

Find a Custom Color And Paint Match

  • Using the Custom Color Picker spectrum, select a color you like.

  • Note down the HEX code for that color and do a web search for a paint color to match.

  • Search – paint match + hex code #

RoomSketcher Match Paint Color Using Custom Color Picker

Additional Tips & Tricks

  • You can use this technique to customize wall, floor and ceiling colors in your project. To add finishes to either a whole room or to single walls.

  • Use the Custom Color Picker to match brand colors on kitchen cabinets and countertops as well. Use RoomSketcher standard cabinets for this.

  • A good website for finding hex code and paint matches is

  • To convert a RGB code to a Hex code do a web search for a RGB to Hex Converter. The above website includes RGB values as well.

This is a great tool for visualizing paint and solid surface colors in your rooms and projects. Try it in your projects and see how it looks by snapping a 3D Snapshot. This is a great way to compare different options. Then upgrade your favorite to a photo-realistic 3D Photo to share with your family and friends!

Happy Customizing!

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