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RoomSketcher Living Room Ideas For Home Interiors 2014

Our RoomSketcher in-house interior design pro was recently featured on the popular UK design inspiration blog Designer Insights by Terry’s Blinds, where she shared RoomSketcher Top Five Interior Design Trends for Home Interiors.

In this post, we’ll elaborate on the Fall trends and show you how to take these interior design ideas and add them into your design projects with our Live 3D Home Interiors Showhouse created in RoomSketcher!

As the cooler temperatures set in, it’s time to move indoors. This Fall’s Top Five Interior Design Trends for Home Interiors make it exciting to do so!

RoomSketcher Interior Design Ideas For Home Interiors 2014

  • We’ve all been watching Orange is the New Black, but this Fall the new black is blue! Choose from rich and vibrant shades of sapphire, navy, and admiral. Experiment with it on walls, upholstery, and window treatments. Try mixing different shades of blue to create a tone-on-tone look. Amp-up the cozy luxurious feel of the color with plush velvets, mohair, and wool fabrics. Keep your blue rooms from feeling too dark, by accentuating architectural details with crisp white shades.
  • Try graphic patterned tile floors in black and white for foyers, bathrooms, and kitchens. Tile patterns such as a classic black and white checkerboard pattern or a timeless Greek-key mosaic border, to dress up a field of black or white tiles, are both on-trend.
  • Reflective metallic accessories add sparkle and shine.
  • Accent colors like golden yellow and fuchsia are great and invigorating compliments for deep blues. Think of gemstone-like colors such as citrine, tourmaline, and emerald, in silk for extra shine.
  • Whether you want to design a room that is traditional or modern, keep it fresh and up-to-date with bold graphic patterns and accessories. In carpets and fabrics, look for Moroccan tile, trellis, and honeycomb patterns. In accent furniture, look for clean gem cut-like lines.

As interior designers and decorators, we are always looking for the best way to try out new home design ideas like the ones above and illustrate them in our designs. With Live 3D Floor Plans created in RoomSketcher, you can show the true potential of a client’s home interiors.

RoomSketcher Room Design Ideas For Home Interiors 2014

Standard 2D floor plans have always been a good way for interior designers and decorators to show the layout of a room or home design, but many people find them hard-to-use for truly visualizing a space. 3D floor plans are a great step forward, especially when they show the floorplan furnished like a home.

RoomSketcher Home Design Software 3D Floor Plans

Live 3D Floor Plans take home design visualization to the next level- Share and access your projects in interactive 3D, anytime, anywhere!  Live 3D Floor Plans are ideal for all types of home design projects, whether you are just decorating a room or remodeling a whole home, as they easily show the true potential.

The Live 3D feature allows your clients to navigate through a home design as if they are touring the actual home interiors– walking from room-to-room, turning around, stepping closer or farther away. Getting a true feel for the overall layout and design.

The Share Live 3D feature allows you to share and collaborate on a design project with your clients and contractors. It gives them access to the project in RoomSKetcher App to review a potential room or home design from their computer before any remodeling has started!

They work in a copy of the project so they are free to play around, add updates or just have it handy for reference.
The Share Live 3D Floor Plans feature makes sharing and exchanging project and interior design ideas easy!

RoomSketcher Home Design Software With Live 3D Floor Plans

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It used to take a team of skilled animators, plus thousands of dollars, to create stunning 3D walkthroughs of home design projects. RoomSketcher home design software is user-friendly, super easy-to-use, and online so you can access your design projects anywhere, any time!

Trine Bretteville
Trine Bretteville is the EVP Sales and Marketing at RoomSketcher. She works with floor plan professionals around the globe, to help them get the most out of the software.
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