User Story: A Custom Green Wall

Green Wall User Story

Have you been thinking about using color in your projects? With RoomSketcher’s just released custom color feature, you can use virtually any paint color in your designs. I’m RoomSketcher’s Floor Plan Production Manager, and I recently used the custom color feature for a real life update to my apartment. Here’s my story:

After living in my apartment for 3 years, I was ready for some design changes. I had several ideas but wasn’t sure which would be the best.  I also wanted to be able to show my boyfriend the various concepts I had, to get his input, and convince him to help make the changes happen. Enter RoomSketcher!

Since I work at RoomSketcher, I figured, why not draw my apartment and try out ideas online. I drew my bedroom, and first experimented with wallpaper. I was able to see how various choices could look:

Bedroom Wallpaper Options

I wasn’t completely happy with any of these however, so I went to the local paint shop,  looked at some colors, and fell in love with a particular bright green. I asked for the paint color code, then used it in RoomSketcher and generated a Premium Photo. Wow!

 Green paint

I was sold on the green color, so now I needed to convince my boyfriend that this color would be great in our bedroom. By being able to look at the photo, he came around, and we started painting. After looking at the color in the bucket and the first coat we weren’t sure, but we trusted the photo, and after two coats and getting the bed back in place, we are very happy with the choice!

Real wall

I saw first-hand how you can really visualize a room by creating it in RoomSketcher. And, with RoomSketcher’s new ability to use paint color codes, you too can try out any crazy color you want.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to add a custom paint color to RoomSketcher:

Have you ever painted a room a crazy color? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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