New Norwegian Trend: Interactive Property Adverts

New Norwegian Trend: Interactive Property Adverts in Norway has one of the most finely tuned property portals on the Internet, and most home buyers use the internet when searching for housing. The new trend we are now seeing is in the use of interactive property adverts. With interactive property adverts you are not only presented with how the accommodation looks now, but also the development and remodelling potential of the property. Today, more than half of the housing ads on in Bergen for example have interactive floor plans from RoomSketcher.

A recent survey conducted by RoomSketcher reveals that the ‘Boligplanlegger’ (Home Designer) tool is now being used by more than half (51%) of housing ads in Bergen and just over a third (34 %) of housing ads in Oslo. National figures from also indicate the Home Designer was included in 30% of all property ads for sale in January and February this year. Interactive floor plans from RoomSketcher were launched on in autumn 2012 and is clearly gaining traction in the Norwegian property market.

“FINN Eiendom (Property) is concerned with potential buyers having the best and most accurate impression of their future home on our website, and RoomSketcher is contributing to this in a good way,” says Baard Baardseth, Product Director of FINN Eiendom.

Bergen leads the way

RoomSketcher 2D and 3D Floor Plans

RoomSketcher examined housing ads in the five largest cities posted in week 10 on (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Kristiansand). The survey showed that among the total of 741 adverts that were reviewed, 2D drawings were in common use with 515 properties (70%). 3D floor plans were used by 54% of the adverts. Many of the adverts included options for both 2D and 3D floor plans. In Oslo and Bergen as many as 9 out of 10 properties advertised included floor plans.  And most interesting of all, Bergen was leading the way with 90% of properties using 3D floor plans as part of their online marketing material.

“Our goal in every house sale is to get the best price for the customer,” says Managing Director Vibeke Stavenes in Proactiv Eiendomsmegling. “To manage this we must have a focus on quality throughout the process. The presentation of the property is hugely important both online and in print. A property sale often happens very quickly once the buyer has found their home, and it is therefore important they have as good a platform as possible before placing a bid. Floor plans are a must for us to use so that you can easily remember a property when coming home after a day of several viewings. The Internet is increasingly used when looking for housing and it’s important for homebuyers to furnish their future home, see that the furniture they have will fit, and possibly see what they need to buy. We believe Home Designer and interactive floor plans are a key success factor in giving buyers a good experience.”


Interactive property adverts

RoomSketcher on

“We see that competition between real estate chains and greater awareness among home sellers are helping to drive forward the use of innovative and interactive solutions in connection with property advertisements,” says Trine Bretteville at RoomSketcher. “Floor plans have long been an essential part of the marketing package in the larger cities, but now we also see an increasing number of property ads on have a Home Designer and / or 3D Walk attached to the plans in the ad. RoomSketcher offers prospective buyers the opportunity to enter the interactive floor plan to furnish the property as they wish. Therefore giving them a good idea of ​​what the property may look like once they have made ​​their mark on it. This helps the buyers to decide whether the home is right for their needs and wants.”

“A good visual representation of the property is essential when selling, and accurate information gives security for the buyer. Digital tools such as 3D Walk and Home Designer are therefore valuable to both parties,” concludes Bretteville.

Are you ready to add that extra element to your real estate marketing? Check out our Professional Floor Plans and try RoomSketcher today!

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