New Version of RoomSketcher

New Version of RoomSketcher

Oslo, Norway, September 1, 2014 – RoomSketcher has launched a new dashboard for all users – My Account, and with it, comes some really exciting new features available for all users – improved mobile experience, Live 3D Floor Plans, Ready Made Floor Plans for everyone and printing in US Imperial Scale.  In order for you to see all the possibilities that comes with this new launch, keep reading.


New Dashboard
In order to streamline the RoomSketcher experience for our users, we have introduced an entirely new dashboard for all users – My Account. My Account makes it easier to keep track of projects, media and purchases, while also allowing all our users to buy all of our new features.

New Dashboard

Manage your orders and projects
You can easily keep track of the progress on your orders of Ready Made Floor Plans, as well as your projects. On the main page, you’ll see any open orders for Ready Made Floor Plans, and by clicking the Projects tab, you’ll find all your projects.

Media, floor plans and links
When you go into a project in the new Project Dashboard, you will find everything related to the chosen project in one place. We have streamlined the experience, so that it’s easy for you to keep track of the media, floor plans, links and other information for your project.


RoomSketcher Project Dashboard


Improved Mobile Experience
Now you can also bring RoomSketcher with you on the go, as you can access My Account on any mobile device. You can view your projects, media and purchases, keep track of the progress of your orders, and order Ready Made Floor Plans, all straight from your mobile device. RoomSketcher VIP and Pro subscribers can easily view and show projects in Live 3D on the go.


Live 3D Floor Plans
Live 3D Floor Plans really take property visualizations to the next level. Users can navigate projects as if they are touring an actual property – walking from room-to-room, turning around, stepping closer or farther away. They can use a male or female avatar to navigate around the floor plan, or fly above the floor plan to get a true feel for the overall layout.

Live 3D Floor Plans are ideal for all types of project and property visualization such as new homes, renovations, design and development projects. Enable potential clients to tour homes from their computer or mobile device. Marketing with Live 3D Floor Plans allows your properties and project to stand out from the crowd!

RoomSketcher VIP and Pro users have Live 3D available for all projects. Live 3D Floor Plans can be shared so that friends, family, and clients can experience them, by enabling Share Live 3D Floor Plans for specific projects.

Once you enable sharing, RoomSketcher generates two links for the project:

RoomSketcher 3D Walk– This link allows users to experience your project in Live 3D, either from their personal computer, or from their mobile device.

RoomSketcher Home Designer– This link allows users to experience your designs in Live 3D, plus make changes and customizations to their copy of the floor plans, using Home Designer’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Simply copy and paste the link into an email message or embed it on your website. Your user simply clicks on the link to access the project- there is nothing that they need to download.


Ready Made Floor Plans for Everyone

If you are short on time or need help drawing your floor plan, RoomSketcher Ready Made Floor Plans is for you! All you need is a blueprint, sketch or an existing floor plan, and you can get professional 2D and 3D floor plans drawn by our expert illustrators, delivered within 24 hours!

After your floor plan has been delivered, you can open it in Home Designer and make any changes you want, furnish it and put your own personal touches on it. After the changes have been made, you simply regenerate the floor plans! Ready Made Floor Plans can be used both on the web and in print, and gives you the perfect way to visualize your designs, market your property, or show contractors, clients, friends and family your ideas.


High End Floor Plans for Everyone

People with a Free account can now buy an upgrade to get high end floor plans and high resolution images for one single project. Here’s a run through of the brilliant premium and professional outputs you can get if you want to upgrade your project.

2D and 3D Floor Plans
RoomSketcher 2D floor plans provide a clean and simple overview of any property or space, so that you, your clients or your contractor can see the layout and potential clearly. RoomSketcher 3D floor plans, takes the visualization one step further, providing a unique and clear “feel” for the space and its possibilities, letting you see it in a whole new way.

High End Floor Plans for Everyone

Upgrade 3D Snapshots to 3D Photos
RoomSketcher 3D Snapshots are a good way to check your designs and see what specific parts of the interior looks like. Upgrading your snapshots to Premium 3D Photos really gives you that true vision of the space. The high resolution 3D images are available at a click of a button, making it both quick and easy for you to show off your designs.

Upgrade Snapshots to 3D Photos

Panoramic Views with Premium Home360
Let your friends and family, or your clients experience the space as if they were standing right inside the room, with Premium Home360. The feature gives a 360 degree view of any point in the floor plan you want to showcase, making the space truly come to life!

Get Panoramic Views with Premium Home360

US Imperial Scale

With this release, our imperial measurement users will also see improvements to the printing scales available to them. You can now print floor plans in imperial standard formats such as  1/8” = 1’-0”, ¼” = 1’-0” or  ½”= 1’-0”. In order to print the floor plans in this scale, you will have to download them accordingly, here’s how to do it!

In the Project Dashboard of the floor plans you want to print, click More and Print Floor Plans. In the drop down menu of Download Format, you are now able to choose US imperial scale for your floor plans.

Print Floor Plans in US Imperial Scale
We hope you enjoy these new features, and continue having fun using RoomSketcher! To check out the new version of RoomSketcher, go to My Account now!