Nordbohus Web Site Captivates Customers

Nordbohus Web Site Captivates Customers

Nordbohus, a Norwegian home building company, recently launched their latest new home catalog as well as an enhanced web site which engages customers by allowing them to interact with Nordbohus homes online. RoomSketcher floor plans play a key role in both the catalog and the web site.

Nordbohus ran an informal poll on their Facebook page asking people to vote for whether they preferred to see 2D or 3D floor plans in the print catalog. An overwhelming majority of respondents voted for 3D, so Nordbohus chose to exclusively use 3D floor plans in the catalog, while showcasing both 2D and 3D floor plans on the new web site.

On the Nordbohus web site, homes are presented in a variety of ways: customers can view 2D and 3D floor plans, “walk through” a property in 3D, and even launch an interactive Home Designer. Potential home buyers can decorate a home using a library of over 5,000 products, and then “walk” through the furnished property, before it is even ordered or built.

To achieve this functionality, Nordbohus used a RoomSketcher Enterprise license, which allows a client to easily add RoomSketcher Home Designer and interactive 3D functionality to their own web site. Check out the Nordbohus implementation.

“I have long looked forward to the RoomSketcher launch, both on the website and in the catalog.” said Stian Moursund, Marketing Manager at Nordbohus. “More and more homebuyers start the search for their dream home from their couch, with a computer or tablet. A good online presentation is thus crucial to reach out to these buyers.”

Trine Bretteville, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at RoomSketcher, is very positive about working with Nordbohus. “Nordbohus is an innovative company and keen to give homeowners a way to visualize and interact with their dream home. We are pleased that more and more home builders are using engaging visualization services.”

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