Overhalla Hus Chooses RoomSketcher

Overhalla Hus Chooses RoomSketcher

Norwegian housing manufacturer, Overhalla Hus, has delivered and built houses across Norway for 40 years. For their newest catalogue of available houses, Overhalla Hus chose RoomSketcher as their provider of professional floor plans.

A house delivered by Overhalla Hus comes as a complete building set and is assembled on site. They can deliver all aspects of the construction from walls, roof, kitchens, bathrooms and ventilation and they will also offer their expert guidance throughout the process in order to help the home buyer get the house that is right for them and their needs.

2D and 3D Floor Plans Delivered By RoomSketcher

To help guide their customers in designing their dream house, Overhalla Hus uses the RoomSketcher Enterprise package. This allows their customers to visualize and experience their property before they build it, as well as make design changes that can be communicated easily using the RoomSketcher Home Designer tool.

Visualize The Property Before You Buy It

Overhalla Hus also use several RoomSketcher products to showcase the potential of their properties on their website and in their marketing materials. The RoomSketcher Enterprise package has allowed Overhalla Hus to brand their properties in a distinctive way, in order to showcase the possibilities within each house.

Stig Morten Paulsen, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Overhalla Hus, states that “we are really happy with the solution that RoomSketcher delivers as it will be easy and fun for our customers to plan their new homes. Additionally, the RoomSketcher products are easy to integrate on our website, making this the ideal solution for both us as a company, as well as for our customers.”

Showcasing The Property With RoomSketcher

Overhalla Hus are experts in homebuilding and RoomSketcher Enterprise allows them to showcase their expertise in a way that stand out amongst their competitors. If you have any questions about RoomSketcher Enterprise, just send us an email at sales@roomsketcher.com and we will help you get started.

You can view a Overhalla Hus house in RoomSketcher 3D Walk here and you can also make changes or redecorate the Overhalla Hus house using the RoomSketcher Home Designer.