Planning a New Home in RoomSketcher

Planning a New Home in RoomSketcher

“Every time I get a new idea for the house, I can put it directly into RoomSketcher!”

When Christer Vedø bought his new home, a soon-to-be-built 3 story townhouse in Sola, Norway, he was left with a great deal of time to wait until the completion date in early 2015. To plan his new home, Christer choose RoomSketcher Home Designer, an easy-to-use online home design and floor plan tool. In addition to creating floor plans, Christer wanted to create a 3D model and images of his property to plan and visualize changes to the layout, so he signed up for a RoomSketcher VIP subscription.

‘In the beginning, I used RoomSketcher to visualize the size of the different rooms in the new house that my girlfriend and me bought. But when I realized the software could do more than just make floor plans, I started to play around and try out some ideas.’

Christer began to use RoomSketcher to make changes to different rooms, starting with the kitchen. ‘I began by putting in the kitchen that was included with the build. Once I saw my future kitchen in 3D I realized I wanted to add some extra functionality to it. I played around with it and came up with something I liked, I then sent the images and measurements to our kitchen designer, Norema, who used it as a guide to design the kitchen to our personal specifications.’

The bathrooms and the rest of the house were next on his list. ‘I played around with different tiles, tub and shower arrangements in the bathrooms, before I continued to use it on the rest of the house to make some minor adjustments to wall arrangements, adding furniture, trying different types of flooring and wall colours.’

Planning a New Home In RoomSketcher

Christer is really pleased with how RoomSketcher has helped him with planning his new home during the building process, ‘Overall I have found RoomSketcher to be enjoyable and very easy to use. I especially like the Live 3D and premium 3D Photos. Using RoomSketcher Live 3D, I could get a feel of the space inside. It has been a crucial tool in the planning process and has definitely helped us maximize the potential in the house. The 3D Photos transform my sketches into more realistic views that I can print out and show to the builders so they understand what I want.’

And Christer is still making adjustments as he goes along, ‘Every time I get a new idea for the house, I can put it directly into RoomSketcher, this way I can see how it will work with the rest of the house. If I don’t like how it looks, I can try something new and if I like that, I can save it.’

Christer’s top tip for anyone wanting to use RoomSketcher for planning a new home: ‘Start out by getting your floor plan measurements 100% correct. It will allow you to make detailed plans and measurements and reduce the number of mistakes later on in the project.’

RoomSketcher can help you with planning a new home and visualizing all of the changes you want to make, before you move in. Check out our Pricing page, to see which subscription is right for you! See Plans and Pricing

Planning a New Home In RoomSketcher

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