Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level in 2014

Real Estate Marketing 2014

New trends and technologies are transforming the real estate purchasing process. Today’s buyers increasingly start their search for real estate online. Real estate agents who provide excellent online presentations of their properties stand out from the competition, reach clients who are farther away, and ultimately sell more properties.

One recent trend is the inclusion of floor plans as part of the online marketing package. Floor Plans allow buyers to truly experience (and even virtually tour) properties right from their phone, tablet, or computer, whether it is 3pm or even 3 am!

2D floor plans are fairly standard but there are other exciting floor plan options:

  • 3D Floor Plans provide buyers a true feel for a property, and make it easier to see how furniture may be placed, the direction of stairs, window heights and more.
  • 3D Walkthroughs. Potential homebuyers often find it challenging to visualize a property. 3D Walkthroughs allow buyers to walk through a property at eye-level, as though they are right inside, and fly over the floor plan to get a true feel for the layout. Unlike photo tours, these can be interactive, so clients can determine which rooms they will “walk” through, and in which order.

3d Walkthrough

  • Interactive Floor Plans allow prospective buyers to move walls, change the paint color or flooring, and try out new windows or doors. They can even place and move furniture, all without any heavy lifting! Interactive Floor Plans are useful for properties in need of renovation (that cramped floor plan looks spacious when a couple of walls are removed), and for trying out options (such as paint or appliances) in new home developments.

Kitchen in Interactive Floor Plan

How can you add a floor plan to your marketing package?

One option is to use a real estate service provider that focuses on floor plans. “In order to stand out in a busy and very competitive marketplace, we feel that by offering a variety of floor-plans including interactive, 3D and 3D Walk, we can really grab the attention of prospective buyers and these are all affordable solutions for estate agents” says Paul Jaszynski, Country Manager at zentuvo UK.

If you are more of a hands-on type, RoomSketcher allows anyone to quickly point, click, and drag to draw a floor plan (or you can submit a sketch that will be professionally drawn for you in 24 hours). Once a 2D floor plan is in the program, just a click instantly converts it to a 3D or interactive plan, making even high-end plans very cost-effective.

Are you ready to add that extra element to your real estate marketing? Try RoomSketcher today.

Already using floor plans to sell real estate? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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