RoomSketcher – Ideal for Interior Designers

RoomSketcher - Ideal for Interior Designers

Whether you are a do-it-yourself decorator or a professional Interior Designer, RoomSketcher can make your job easier. RoomSketcher’s recently released video, “Interior Design With RoomSketcher”, shows you how.

With RoomSketcher, you can easily sketch up a floor plan, decorate rooms, and generate beautiful 3D photos and interactive walkthroughs with the click of a button. You can share projects with clients using your mobile device, or allow them to view and even edit projects themselves, right from their own home – very useful if your client is across town or even in another city!

Unlike more complex design tools, RoomSketcher provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface: click and drag to add materials such as paint, tile, or carpet, followed by furniture, appliances and accessories. It’s quick and easy to try out different colors, sizes, and materials.

With RoomSketcher, Interior Designers get lots of ways to show off their work:

  • You and your client can easily visualize a project using RoomSketcher’s beautiful high-quality 3D photos and interactive 3D walks through the project. It’s like you are really there, even though the building may not even be built yet!
  • You can send a project link to a client and allow the client to try out ideas themselves from their home or office computer. Clients work on a copy of the project – no need to worry that they’ll accidentally delete a key component!
  • One cool feature of RoomSketcher is the ability for Interior Designers to create several versions of a design in one project – making it easy to switch between the variations and allow clients to quickly compare and pick the ideas they like from each.
  • Finally, for Interior Designers who want to create a printed, professional proposal for prospective clients, RoomSketcher can create high-res 3D floor plans with your company logo.

Interior Designers can reduce travel time and costs, lessen back-and-forth changes with clients, help clients better visualize projects, and showcase their work on mobile devices or web sites.

Are you interested in creating amazing interior designs today? Watch the video and get started with RoomSketcher!