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The RoomSketcher Team is always pushing to give you the best floor plan software out there. Our support team notes down your requests and passes them on to our developers that are constantly working to optimize the software so you can easily create amazing floor plans!

Recently we’ve been working on many behind the scenes improvements. In addition, there are a couple of neat upgrades our subscribers will benefit from.

Download all files with one click

We know you have been longing for this one. Before you could only download one-floor plan at a time. Now RoomSketcher Pro Subscribers can download all the floor plans in a project at once (as a zip file) from RoomSketcher Web Account. Pro Subscribers can also download the same floor plan in multiple formats at one time.

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Want to learn how to do it? Check out this help article.

Click here to see all Pro features!

Go from Web Editor to the RoomSketcher App

We know that when many of you started using RoomSketcher, you started with Web Editor. Now, most of our subscribers are using the RoomSketcher App.

If you have bookmarked your favorite project in your browser it will open in Web Editor. Now it’s easy to open this same project in the RoomSketcher App. Just make sure to download the RoomSketcher App first. Then, when your project is open in Web Editor, just click the “Edit in App” button and your project now opens in the RoomSketcher App. It couldn’t get easier!

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Limit your product library

For Business users, there’s also a new feature in Web Editor that has already been available in the RoomSketcher App for a while: Company Product Selection.

What is Company Product Selection? Let’s say you have a business and you make many floor plans with the same furniture selection, you can limit the selection to a preset selection instead of having to browse through the full product selection. If you want Company Product Selection, please contact our support team to have it set up.

Trine Bretteville
Trine Bretteville is the EVP Sales and Marketing at RoomSketcher. She works with floor plan professionals around the globe, to help them get the most out of the software.

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