Scandinavian Design – The Latest Furniture & Home Design Trends

Scandinavian Design - The Latest Furniture & Home Design Trends

Love Scandinavian design but not sure how to get the look? RoomSketcher headed to one of Scandinavia’s newest and hottest design and furniture fairs – NorthModern in Copenhagen, Denmark this weekend to get the scoop on the latest Scandinavian furniture, lighting and home accessories.

We met with designers, manufacturers and vendors, attended the launch of fantastic new products and took in talks by Scandinavian home design and trend visionaries. Here is our exclusive report on the trends and how you can get the modern Scandinavian look!

“The New Luxury” is defined by having time to relax and detox from our busy and fast paced lives. Nothing inspires this feeling more than the inviting comfort and simple elegance of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Design Trends


“Blue is the New Black” – We saw it coming back in the Fall and it was evident in full-force at the show. I love the Scandinavian take on it! There were woven fabrics and carpets in soft shades of light blue in combination with natural indigo and ivory. There was also a lot of light pink and pale rose shades as well. Both are great compliments and combine beautifully with the Scandinavian gray, black & white aesthetic.

New Modern Color Trends from Northmodern Catalog 2015Lisbet Friis Designtæpper from Fabula-Living, Chair from Muuto, Table from Ferm Living, Glass Vase from Ro Collection, brass bowl from H. Skjalm P. Image by Michael Rygaard.


Quality, lightness and natural materials are all hallmarks of Scandinavian design. The latest furniture launched at the show continues this tradition. Whether hand-made or techno-made attention to detail, finish, and beautiful materials were everywhere.
This was best exemplified by two new modern versions of mid-century chairs:

1. Designer Simon Legald new “Form” chair for Normann Copenhagen takes the classic “shell” chair to the next level, with seamless joinery and a sculptural inviting shape inspired by flamingos. Move over Swan chair- there’s a new bird in town!

Form Chair Normann CopenhagenImage via Normann Copenhagen

2. The “Viggo” dining and lounge chair by upcoming designers Karina Mencke & Marcus Vagnby of ShapingYourDay, is a thoughtful and clever evolution of the bent plywood chair.

Viggo Chair by ShapingYourDayImage via Dazeen

Both chair designs use the materials and joinery to great effect to achieve new levels of comfort and customizable options.


This is the year of “Naked Bulb” in table lamps, pendant lamps, chandeliers… the incandescent light bulb is having a renaissance and being raised from utilitarian object to an art form.

There were beautiful new examples of LED lights as well. Especially great for use over dining tables to eliminate hot spots and glare.

Scandinavian Lighting Design Trends at NorthModern 2015Franklin Chandelier by Soren Rose Studio From Menu A/S, Ball Lamps by Nordvink and 013 Lamp from H.Skjalm P. Images via Menu, Applicata and H. Skjalm P.

Paint & Wallcovering

The Scandinavians give the English a run for their money when it comes to producing beautiful wallpapers. Three key wallpaper trends were evident at the show- Photorealistic screen printing, 3D textures and matte finishes. Matte finishes will be big in 2015 – look for it in wall paint as well. Uber-matte paints are less reflective, they soften a room’s lighting and appears and feel like Wedgewood porcelain.

Scandinavian Design Wallpaper Trends at NorthModern 2015Horizontal Boards Wallpaper from TapetForum, Nordic Antique Wallpaper by Zilmers and Graphic Wallpaper from TapetForum. Images via TapetForum, Zilmers and TapetForum.


You’ll see the 3D texture trend in carpets as well with creative raised patterns and mixes of different cut heights. Dark moody carpets in deep jewel tones of emerald, dark blue and black with roshuk-like patterns and textures. Opposite this, you’ll see Kilims in natural neutrals colors like ivory, gray and charcoal instead of the usual reds and blues.

Scandinavian Design Carpet Trends at NorthModern 2015Carpets From Massimo. Images via RoomSketcher.

Home Decor & Accessories

Beautiful wood home accessories have always characterized Scandinavian design. This year it shares company with marble. Equally loved for its figurative grain, accessories in black, green, red and white marbles were very prominent. The same marbles were also being used on table tops and incorporated with lighting.

Accessories and lighting in warm-colored metals, especially brass, were everywhere in brushed and matte finishes.

Transitioning colors, from light to dark, was another common theme seen in glass accessories, tie-dye carpets, and table clothes.

Scandinavian Design Home Accessories at NorthModern 2015Pens Tablecloth From Ferm Living, Lamp Lamps From Normann Copenhagen and Accessories From H. Skjalm P. Images via Ferm Living, Normann Copenhagen, and RoomSketcher.

Sustainable Design

If you have always loved the look and feel of hand tied silk Tibetan carpets than you’ll rejoice when you see the new versions made from crushed Bamboo fibers. They are luxurious to the touch, affordable and sustainable. What more can we ask for!

We saw gorgeous on-trend soft goods- pillows, cushions & quilts from Place de Bleu made from recycled fabric left over from the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat. Hand-crafted in Copenhagen by local immigrant women that the company hires and trains in sewing arts so they can support their families. Skilled, sustainable and socially conscious- this was one of our favorites from the show.

The Scandinavians are skilled forest managers so it was great to see furniture makers large and small using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.

Scandinavian Sustainable Home Decor Trends at NorthModern 2015Natural Bamboo Carpet From Massimo, Star Cushion From Place de Bleu and “Baenk” Bench From Nur. Images via RoomSketcher, Place de Bleu and RoomSketcher.

The Scandinavian Modern Look

Scandinavian Furniture and Home Decor Trends from Muuto at NorthModern 2015Image via RoomSketcher

This image from Muutos installation at NorthModern really embodies the modern Scandinavian look. What are the key elements:

  1. Color: Here you see those nice soft blues that I mentioned above.
  2. Natural Wood Accents: You can introduce natural woods with a side chair, coffee table or even on the leg of the sofa.
  3. Lightness: This is a key Scandinavian element. The sofa is always the heaviest item in the room. Create balance with light framed accent furniture and fabrics.
  4. Quality Handmade Soft Goods: We see this in the carpet, throw and cushions. As well as the nice woven linen.
  5. On Trend Accessories: A few select on-trend accessories seal the deal, such as this lovely trio of bud vases in a matte finish. Add an element of nature, fresh cut flowers or a sculptural succulent. Keep it minimal and no more than 3.

Make it Your Own

You’ve read the report, know the trends and have a great example of how to create the Scandinavian modern look… now make it your own with RoomSketcher Home Designer. RoomSketcher Home Designer is an easy-to-use home design software that you can use to create room and home designs online. Here are a few of the Scandinavian room designs we created for inspiration:

RoomSketcher Home Design Software Modern Scandinavian Room Ideas

The RoomSketcher product library is loaded with great examples of Scandinavian designs, finishes, and furnishings. Test out how Scandinavian furniture and the latest Scandinavian designs trends will look in your home with RoomSketcher – it’s easy, fun and you can get started for free!

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