Success in the Asia Pacific Real Estate Market with Live 3D Floor Plans

RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plan

In the fast moving Asia Pacific property market we are seeing huge demand from real estate agents, property developers and real estate service providers for high quality 3D property visualization that’s affordable and easy to use. Here’s how RoomSketcher is succeeding to fulfill that need with Live 3D Floor Plans.

In Singapore alone, property developers have sold 2,665 private residential units in 2nd Quarter 2014. Plus there were 1,314 resale transactions in this same period, compared to 941 transactions in 1st Quarter 2014*. These are all great signs that both the new and used property market is thriving in the Asia Pacific region and creating a demand for floor plan services and 3D visualization to help market properties.

RoomSketcher is proud to announce we now have customers in Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and The Philippines, to name just a few, using Live 3D Floor Plans to market and showcase their real estate properties. RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans give them the edge to stand out from the crowd in these competitive emerging markets.

RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans
RoomSketcher is a leading global provider of high quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans and affordable 3D Visualization. RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans provide an excellent 3D overview for each level of a property. RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans you take your 3D floor plans to a whole new level with interactive 3D visualization.

With RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans customers can take a virtual home tour of each level of a property. In addition, customers can open the floor plan of a property to plan their living space using RoomSketcher Home Designer, our easy-to-use home design tool. Engage and impress your clients and potential home buyers in a new and unique way by adding Live 3D Floor Plans to your property listings.

Share Live 3D Floor Plans
Share your Live 3D Floor Plans via email, on social media and embed them easily on your website. Viewers can simply click on the link to view the floor plan instantly in Live 3D on mobile device or computer. With the RoomSketcher Home Designer link they open the floor plan on a desktop or laptop computer to customize and furnish the property.

With Live 3D Floor Plans your customers have the tools to clearly see if a property is the right for them, be it a new home or an investment property. this feature is especially beneficial for potential out-of-state and overseas buyers.

“RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans are a fantastic marketing tool for the real estate sector and empower potential home buyers to visualize the space in each property”
– Marius Heyerdahl – Founder & CEO of Prospects, Singapore

3D Floor Plans of Singapore Property

The Benefits of Live 3D Floor Plans for Selling Homes

  • Easy-to-Produce – Simply upload a blueprint or sketch and let RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services do the rest.
  • Saves Time – Receive your floor plans the next business day.
  • Stunning Results – Receive professional high quality 2D Floor Plans including measurements and 3D Floor Plans to visualize the property. Plus, Live 3D Floor Plans to impress and engage clients and home buyers.
  • Company Branding – Upgrade to a RoomSketcher Pro subscription to add your company logo to all your Floor Plans and Live 3D outputs.
  • Ready for Web, Mobile and Print – Market your property in all available media and increase your opportunities for making a sale.
  • Home Designer – Enables potential home buyers to plan their living space with an easy-to-use home design tool.
  • Live 3D – Empowers home buyers to take an interactive virtual home tour of the floor plan in 3D, which engages more customers and help to generate more interest in the property.

Easy to Order – Online
RoomSketcher Live 3D Floor Plans can be ordered easily online from our Floor Plan Services. Simply upload a blueprint or sketch and let our expert illustrators create a Live 3D RoomSketcher Project for you, including professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans ready for print and web – delivered the next business day! All orders include instant corrections that are replicated across all outputs.

With a RoomSketcher Pro subscription, you get volume discounts and you can add property details and your company branding on all your outputs.

Get Started Today
Our expert illustrators are ready to turn your blueprints and sketches into professional high quality Live 3D Floor Plans that your clients will love.

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*Statistics supplied by ‘Department of Statistics Singapore’ –

**Standard orders received during Business Hours are ready within 24 hours. Urgent orders are ready within 6 hours. Business Hours are: Monday 10:00 (10:00 am) – Friday 18:00 (6:00 pm) anywhere in the world.

Image source: Marius Heyerdahl, Prospects, Singapore

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