Thank you for Taking Part in the RoomSketcher Survey

RoomSketcher Survey 2014 - Thanks for taking part in the Roomsketcher 2014 Survey

Throughout May we have been running a survey where you could tell us how you use RoomSketcher, show us what you have designed and why you like using RoomSketcher. Over the past month we have we have gotten a lot of responses from Free, VIP and Pro users telling us why they use RoomSketcher, what they would like to see in the application and what their favourite features are. It has been great to hear how it has helped so many of you solve your interior design, remodelling and home construction problems, and how much fun you’re having while doing it.

Variety of RoomSketcher Projects
One of the best things about the responses to the survey, was the sheer number of different buildings, rooms and outdoor areas that people are designing in RoomSketcher. From holiday homes to hotels, offices to kitchens, there is a huge variety of projects being designed in RoomSketcher. One of our favourite favourite projects was a zoo keeper planning renovations to the animal enclosures in a zoo!

100s Of New Ideas
By showing us your projects, suggesting improvements and telling us about your design experience, you have given us many development ideas and shown us ways that we can improve RoomSketcher for years to come. Your ideas will also help us create more tutorials that can help all RoomSketcher users get the most out of their projects.

Amazing Designs In RoomSketcher
We were really impressed with the designs that were shared with us. Among them were beautiful interior designs, huge commercial complexes and personal homes. So many of our users are doing such incredible things with Roomsketcher, hacking furnishings and fittings into new objects, creating impressive maisonette floors and outdoor areas. All of which makes for truly amazing projects and designs.

A great design of a maisonette loft apartment in RoomSketcher by Leah Thomas

Here is Leah Thomas’ Loft Apartment Design that she shared with us through the RoomSketcher Survey.

And to round things off, we would like to announce the winners of the RoomSketcher survey competition! Everyone who completed the RoomSketcher survey was entered into a competition to win a VIP licence or $99 worth of RoomSketcher credits.

The 5 lucky winners are:

Mari from Russia

Mona from Norway

Jebamazo from Spain

Christer from Norway

Peter from Germany

We would like to congratulate all of the winners!

If you missed out on the survey this time, feel free to ask us any questions or give us  testimonials in the comment box below or you can send us an email. We’d he be happy to help you out with any questions or queries.

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