The Benefits of Using RoomSketcher to Plan Your Property Development

The Benefits of Using RoomSketcher to Plan Your Property Development

Are you looking to plan your property development? What better way to do this than to use an online floor plan tool, so you can work out all the details before you involve your contractors. Whether you are redecorating your property interior or planning a large extension or annex, there are a number of ways you can use RoomSketcher graphics and floor plans to make the process run smoothly.

Thousands of people across the world are already using RoomSketcher to plan their own home renovations, extensions, new builds and even small redecorating projects, all of which can improve your home and boost property prices.

Once you have drawn out the floor plan of your property, you can start adding your changes within minutes, from the size of your extension projects to the minor details. Once you have created your design you can send it to anyone to look at quickly. Here are 6 benefits of using RoomSketcher to plan your property:

1. Visualizing the results

There are few things worse than finishing a building project to discover that the ceiling is too low or the dining table doesn’t fit in the dining room. Live 3D and 3D Photos allow you to visualize what it will be like to stand in the room and what the room will look like from different angles. You can double-check measurements, see what type of furniture can fit in a room and the positioning of doors and windows.

RoomSketcher High Resolution 3D Photos

2. Communicating clearly with your architect and contractor

Your architect will be very pleased if you come to the first meeting with a measured 3D floor plan of what you want your extension to look like from the inside. They will quickly have a clear idea of what you want, eliminating much of the back and forth of plans that slows a project down at the beginning. Your contractor will be equally pleased when you show him the measured plans of the interior.

3. You start with the end in sight

It often takes months of planning and building work before you actually start to gain the feeling of what your property will be like when it is finished. By having a plan that allows you to visualize the results from the start, many of your anxieties about the project will disappear – or at least be reduced significantly.

4. Showing off your property

There is no need to wait until the construction work is finished. You can share your RoomSketcher design online by email and social media. VIP and Pro users can even show the plans to friends on their mobile phone and tablet using the RoomSketcher Live 3D App.

Access Projects Everywhere With RoomSketcher 360 App

5. The design is yours

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you had a major hand in the design of your own property, it will reflect your own personality and desires and be customized to your needs.

6. Selling and letting the property

When you come to sell your property you will be able to give your estate agent beautiful 3D floor plans and images of your property that will stand out in any online listing. These give anyone viewing the property online a very good first impression.

It is easy to get started planning your own property developments using the RoomSketcher App. You can draw up your plans yourself or you use the Ready-Made Floor Plans feature in RoomSketcher Pro to have your property drawn for you and then start making the adjustments yourself.

You can upgrade your RoomSketcher to VIP or Pro by visiting the pricing page and selecting your preferred RoomSketcher subscription.

Trine Bretteville
Trine Bretteville is the EVP Sales and Marketing at RoomSketcher. She works with floor plan professionals around the globe, to help them get the most out of the software.

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