Thousands Of Norwegians Plan Their Remodeling Online

Thousands of Norwegians Plan Their Remodeling Online With RoomSketcher

Norwegians are more interested in interior decorating and remodeling than ever before, and now a new trend is emerging. Norwegians are increasingly turning to the internet and RoomSketcher in order to visualize their ideas, plans and dreams for their homes.

People want to visualize the results of a redecoration or remodeling before they begin working on it, and they are increasingly choosing RoomSketcher to help them do it.

“A home designer can help simplify the planning of a remodeling or a new home. It gives the user more control over the project, it’s easier to plan and the results are instant,” says Trine Bretteville, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at RoomSketcher.
Draw your own home

Visualize Your Plans In RoomSketcher

Many people choose to draw their own floor plans in RoomSketcher Home Designer. It’s fast and easy to draw them with exact measurements and before long the floor plans are ready to be decorated and furnished . With the user friendly drag-and-drop interface, it’s fun and easy for everyone to plan their projects and visualize their plans before executing them in real life.

Andreas Johansen found it to be both fun and easy when he was planning his new home in RoomSketcher. He drew up floor plans with exact measurements and was able to plan the interior of his new home down to the smallest detail.

“If it had been based on estimated measurements, there really hadn’t been any point in using the tool. It was very useful knowing that the wall we were going to build would be exactly six meters long. I could see what it would look like with a certain sofa, and that lamp would fit where we wanted to have it. There are so many decisions to be made when you are building a home, so if you put some time and effort into the planning, you’ll be rewarded,” says Johansen.

Customize a prefabricated house 

Customize A Prefabricated House With RoomSketcher

Many Norwegians also use the tool when they’re buying a prefabricated house. Norwegian providers of these types of houses such as Mesterhus, Vestlands Hus, Systemhus, Nordbohus, Blink Hus and Hellvik Hus are just some of many that offer their customers the option of planning their new home with RoomSketcher.

It has been said that if you want a truly unique house, you should buy a prefabricated house exactly as it’s offered, as everyone is looking to make changes to the houses in order to make them their own. This customization has been made easy with RoomSketcher Home Designer, you simply start off with the original floor plans and make changes you want online.

“Our customers want to be their own architect, and RoomSketcher is the perfect solution, enabling them to be just that in an easy and engaging fashion,” says Geir Kjørum, Marketing Director at Blink Hus.


Try out the property – before you buy

 RoomSketcher In Property Ads

On Norways biggest property portal, FINN Eiendom, an increasing number of property ads include a floor plan. Here, potential buyers get the option of going in to the interactive floor plans and decorate in order for it to reflect their taste and needs. This gives them an impression of what the property will look like when they’ve put their personal touches on it, and it helps buyers decide whether the property is right for them.

“FINN Eiendom is concerned with potential buyers having the best and most accurate impression of their future home on our website, and RoomSketcher is contributing to this in a good way,” says Baard Baardseth, Product Director of FINN Eiendom.

Do you want to visualize the possibilities in your home? Try RoomSketcher Home Designer, and see what you can do to perfect your home!

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