UK Company The Bloc Group Use RoomSketcher To Sell Real Estate

UK Company The Bloc Group Use RoomSketcher To Sell Real Estate

In February this year we were contacted by Plot, an established property development company in the UK owned by The Bloc Group.  Plot was originally set up to break down the barriers to people who are interested in custom and self-build property development opportunities.  The team at Plot work with landowners and occupiers across the UK to develop properties and over the past 25 years have delivered £15bn worth of projects in the Commercial, Retail/Leisure and Residential sectors.

The Bloc Group approached RoomSketcher looking for a new and innovative way to help market 14 new properties in a beautiful riverside development in Aldcliffe Road, Lancaster.  The 14 properties were a mixture of new build developments and refurbished listed buildings with both ‘Self-Build’ and ‘Developer-Build’ options available to clients who have the desire to build their new dream home.

With RoomSketcher Ready-Made Floor Plans, 2D and 3D floor plans were created for each of their properties. Interactive Home Designer was also integrated with each of the floor plans. Home Designer enables prospective customers to lay out furniture and visualize how they could use the space. 3D Walk was also created for each property to offer a truly interactive feel for the space, enabling them to walk around the floor plan and explore the layout.

Michael Atkinson from The Bloc group, one of the leaders in the Aldcliffe Road project stated that “We searched the internet and industry contacts to find a suitable company. Our requirements seemed quite simple but we couldn’t find anyone who could meet our expectations until we found RoomSketcher. They have an affordable package and users can get to grips with it easily. We like that we can even put our logo on the RoomSketcher page.”

Interactive Floor Plan from RoomSketcher

The RoomSketcher Home Designer links were also integrated into the ‘Plot – Build Your Dream’ website making it easy for potential buyers to visualize the space online.  Michael also commented that this feature “Makes our website flow onto the RoomSketcher software quite seamlessly.”


With 1 in 5 new houses in the UK currently being self-build projects we expect to see more demand from property development companies and real estate professionals looking for an effective solution to market their properties and let potential buyers visualize the space.

Are you ready to add that extra element to your real estate marketing? Check out our Professional Floor Plans and try RoomSketcher today!