Using RoomSketcher Like A Pro

Using RoomSketcher Like A Pro

There have always been personal users who upgrade to RoomSketcher Pro. Håkon is one of these RoomSketcher users who decided to take the step up from VIP to “Go Pro” and not in the extreme sports video sense!

Håkon is a retired pathologist who first saw RoomSketcher 3D Photos and 3D Floor plans in the Norwegian newspapers. “I was intrigued by the 3D Photos and floor plans of houses and flats in the newspaper ads. I started using the RoomSketcher right away to see how it worked and realized it would be useful to create a 3D replica of our house.”

Soon after he started using RoomSketcher Håkon caught, what we like to call, the “RoomSketcher bug”. “After trying out the free subscription, the program captured my imagination with its impressive possibilities. I upgraded to VIP, shortly followed by the Pro account to have access to all the functionality of the program.”
Using RoomSketcher Like a Pro

One of the key features that encouraged Håkon to upgrade to RoomSketcher Pro was the ability to trace over his blueprints in RoomSketcher Home Designer. “I dug out the original house drawings and made sure that everything I created in RoomSketcher was made and measured in accordance with that.” This feature allowed him to upload an image of the property blueprints that appeared in the background of Home Designer so it can be traced over quickly and to scale.

He was very pleased with the detail his designs could go into, quickly mastering some of the other more advanced features, including adjusting wall widths, ceiling heights and creating sloped ceilings. “I went through the different levels of my properties checking the results by frequently using 3D Photos and Live 3D to verify my measurements, especially the height of objects.”

When we asked Håkon why he decided to upgrade to RoomSketcher Pro so quickly, he said “I think RoomSketcher Pro is reasonably priced considering its usefulness, and the Pro version offered me the additional functionality that helped me draw my floor plan from a blueprint. Besides, I like to honor the hard work of developers of good software by purchasing the full version.”
Using RoomSketcher Like a Pro

RoomSketcher Pro gave Håkon the opportunity to quickly master Home Designer and create pristine 3D designs of his properties in the highest quality. He now has detailed Live 3D models of his house, his summerhouse and a flat.
Using RoomSketcher Like a Pro

There are many who have upgraded to RoomSketcher Pro to gain access to the additional features that make the drawing process more accurate and quick, as it gives you more time to focus on the finer details of the project.

RoomSketcher Pro is a great choice for personal users looking to get all the best features and functionality of the software. At just $99 a RoomSketcher Pro subscription is accessible to all.

Start using RoomSketcher like a pro! Sign up for RoomSketcher Pro now.


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