New Wall Features in RoomSketcher

New Wall Features in RoomSketcher

Have you ever needed to draw an extra thick wall? One with variable thickness? Or even a wall on the diagonal? Now you can easily draw thicker walls and virtually any shape walls in RoomSketcher. Read on to learn our favorite tips and tricks.

About Thicker Walls

You can now draw walls up to 1000 mm (about 39 inches) thick.

  • To change the default thickness prior to drawing walls, go to Walls mode, find the Thin Wall or Thick Wall button, and adjust the thickness below each button.

Adjust Default Wall Thickness

  • To adjust the thickness of a single wall, simply select it and click Properties, then enter the thickness..

Single Wall Thickness

Complex Shape Walls

To draw a complex shape wall, simply use the Thin Wall tool to draw the outline of the wall then convert the resulting area/zone into a wall.

1. Click Walls mode.

2. Click the Thin Wall tool.

3. Draw an area or zone that will be the wall.

4. Click the Select tool and select the area/zone, then click Properties.

5. Click Room Type and then click Wall. The selected area becomes a wall!

Room Type - Wall

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