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A New Resource – Welcome To RoomSketcher Blog

RoomSketcher is a fun, easy to use, quick floor plan drawing tool loved by consumers worldwide - welcome!

RoomSketcher Staff

With great enthusiasm, we are proud to launch our blog, to accompany roomsketcher.com.

We hope the blog will be a great resource for users and creators of floor plans, and that the blog will become a trusted source of valuable information and a helpful community.

To celebrate, we threw a little party here at the office!   We would like to think we have some pretty fun people working here…

Meet The Staff

Lance and Jon, on the couch and Erik with the little hat in the mid back are all part of the Developer Team.  Trine (pronounced Trina) is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Trond at the back on the left is our CEO, and Stein in the back on the right is also a Vice President and one of the founders. Lill, who makes all of our 3D models, is not pictured, so if you have a special 3D floor plan request be sure to let us know.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Right now, our system is set up to handle reseller contracts, so if you are in the position to work with an innovative, high quality partner, we are here for you.” ~Stein Kjartan Vik, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

“For real estate professionals, our key selling point and technological innovation is our single source platform, where you have one production time and once the floor plan is in our system, you can up-sell any of the other products to your customers, it’s really impressive” ~Trond Bergquist, CEO

“My favorite thing about RoomSketcher floor plans – These are interactive floor plans so interior designers, home stagers, and home decor enthusiasts can furnish rooms and dream homes any way they like, before they even go to a viewing or begin to build a property. It’s pretty awesome.” ~Trine Bretteville, VP Sales and Marketing

What Is RoomSketcher?

As we introduce ourselves and our product, it is important to understand that we are not offering a technical drawing tool, and we are not competing with architectural drawing programs like AutoCAD and the CAD programs.

RoomSketcher is:

  • Easy to use.
  • Friendly.
  • Quick.

For interior designers, home stagers, real estate professionals, and those wishing to visualize their optimal living space in 3D, it is and easy online floor plan drawing tool.

We believe you will come to appreciate the RoomSketcher tool as…


Welcome To RoomSketcher

We are so excited to be launching!  Stay tuned to our blog for exciting announcements about developments on how to get high quality, fabulous floor plans in one hour or less!

If you would like to hear more about becoming a reseller, simply contact us at sales@roomsketcher.com.

For more frequent updates and helpful tips, follow us on Twitter.

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