Elegant Concert Hall Plan for Small Ensemble

Music lovers will enjoy the relaxed feel of this elegant concert hall plan for small ensemble where you can sit with your party at a round table and enjoy a drink while listening to a sonata. At one end of the hall is a raised dais which is big enough for 10 musicians, including a pianist at a small piano. You can also place some plants on this platform to liven up the space. In the rest of the hall, you can place five round tables, each of which seat 8 people and rows of seating in the back which can seat up to 16 people. Although this hall can seat 56 audience members and 11 musicians total, in addition to bartenders and servers, it still has a spacious feel which adds to its acoustic value. At the same time, the table seating gives it an intimate feel.

2127 sq ft
198 m2
1 Level

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