Office Floor Plan

One large office space is divided into many smaller spaces in this office floor plan. Most of the worktables are triangular, so that three people can sit at them, with their computers. Additionally, there are two private offices which have L-shaped tables with rolling chairs, a sofa and extra chairs for visitors. There's a large conference room with twelve chairs. There are two rectangular tables, divided into six workstations and smaller spaces with two workstations. Scattered around the office space, there are extra tables and chairs where people can have small meetings, as well as three toilets. In the center of the office space is a garden with lounge chairs which can be seen through glass. There's also a large kitchen with a cooking range, a sink and a refrigerator, as well as a number of dining tables and chairs. Overall, this is a bright, playful and motivating office space.

6989 sq ft
649 m2
1 Level

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