Conference Room Layout Style

This spacious and playfully decorated conference room layout style is perfect for small and large group meetings. It consists of five white conference tables with five chairs each. The chairs are multicolored, which gives the room a hip, youthful vibe. They are ranged on one side of the tables so that everyone can look towards the front of the room, towards the podium. So if you're addressing a group of twenty-five people, you can conveniently do so in this room. And if you need to bring more people in, there's a window ledge where you can easily seat up to eight more people. On the other hand, if you're just having a meeting with a group of five-eight people, you can bring more chairs over to one table and hold your meeting there. Overall, this is a bright, cheery room which is perfect for conferences and seminars.

1671 sq ft
155 m2
1 Level

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