Single Wall Kitchen With Blue Accents

There's a crisp, fresh feel in the blue and white d├ęcor of this single wall kitchen with blue accents. The kitchen and dining area are separated by a double door which allows you to move easily between the two spaces. The kitchen has a long, white counter with overhead and base cabinets. It also has a range with five burners and a sink. At one end is a blue refrigerator while, at the other end, there is a tall, blue oven unit. On one wall, there is a floor-to-ceiling window which lets in plenty of natural light. The dining area is larger than the kitchen area and has two floor-to-ceiling windows. You can place a long dining table with eight chairs as well as a sideboard in this area. Overall, this layout makes good use of the available space and has an active, cheerful feel.

294 sq ft
27 m2
1 Level

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