Green Single Wall Kitchen Design

Lined with appliances and countertop space along one wall, this green single wall kitchen design offers plenty of room for entertaining around the dining table. A large pantry lets you store all of your kitchen staples with ease, while a stainless-steel, double-door refrigerator adds to both function and style. Gorgeous marble-style countertops line the back wall, and include a double sink, dishwasher, electric stovetop and oven. Forest green cabinets underneath the countertop provide a home for all of your cooking ware, and matching overhead cabinetry offers frosted glass windows for easy storage and organization. The spacious area in the center of the kitchen provides room for a long, elegant dining table, whether you're enjoying a quick breakfast in the morning or hosting guests for dinner parties and special occasions. A small countertop section on the opposite wall is the perfect spot for a coffee bar or decorative greenery.

232 sq ft
22 m2
1 Level

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