Single Wall Kitchen Design Layout

Don't be fooled by the simplicity and small size of this single wall kitchen design layout; this room was made with beauty and functionality in mind. Chic sliding glass doors in a gorgeous black finish provide an attractive entrance into the room. The long design of the room feature wall-to-wall countertops and appliances on one side with open space on the others. An exposed brick backsplash adds subtle color and much-needed texture to the room and provides the perfect complement to its speckled gray, blue, and red countertops. Hardwood flooring adds to the kitchen's natural aesthetic while the soft blue cabinetry helps the space feel cozy and stylish. To enhance the contemporary vibe of this quaint but eye-catching kitchen, sleek black appliances complete the look, including a solid black sink. You can't go wrong with this striking yet uncomplicated single wall kitchen design.

118 sq ft
11 m2
1 Level

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