Small Galley Kitchen Idea

If you only have a small space for the kitchen in your home, you can still get many features by using this small galley kitchen idea. There's counter space on both sides of this kitchen, which means you have a lot of room for chopping and food preparation. There's also a cooking range with four burners on one side and a sink on the other side. There are overhead and base cabinets on both sides, which means there's plenty of storage. The cabinets are white, the counters have a white and gray marble finish and the floor is charcoal, all of which provide a neutral base for some splashes of color. You can install a paneled wood door on one side, place a Persian style carpet on the floor and install a decorative ceiling lamp. These touches give some personality to the kitchen, in addition to livening it up.

70 sq ft
6 m2
1 Level

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