3 Bedroom Apartment Plan Examples

Apartment plans with 3 bedrooms provide extra space for families, groups like college students, or anyone who wants to spread out in their living space. With a typical size of 800 - 1400 sq ft (about 75 - 130 m2), these layouts usually contain 3 bedrooms and 2 or 2.5 bathrooms.

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3 Bedroom Apartment Plan Examples 3D

Kitchen Considerations

Because 3 bedroom apartment plans are designed to accommodate 4 or more residents, you’ll usually find that the floor plans contain a larger kitchen, a more generous living room, and a designated dining area. The kitchen often includes more counter space and full-size appliances. Some kitchen layouts will offer a peninsula counter with bar seating, which is useful when 1 or 2 people want to have a quick breakfast. It’s also a great place to set up a laptop for work or review recipes, or as a place for kids to do their homework. Ideally, the kitchen will also have upper and lower cabinet storage and a designated pantry area.

The Living Room

The living room in a 3 bedroom apartment plan will usually be large enough to allow for a sofa and coffee table, plus a loveseat or chair, to allow all residents to relax together. Some apartment units may include a fireplace, which is a nice feature if you live in a cooler climate. As you check out the living rooms in 3 bedroom floor plans, think about how your existing furniture will fit and where to place your entertainment center. As far as dining, you’ll often see an area marked on the floor plan for a full-size dining table and chairs to accommodate everyone living in the unit.


With more residents comes more laundry. Apartment plans at the higher end of the size range will often contain a full laundry room. Smaller units may include a laundry closet or space in the bathroom or kitchen that can at least accommodate a stacked washer/dryer.


Storage space is also important in a 3 bedroom apartment plan. Many plans will include an entry coat closet, a linen closet, and walk-in closets in some or all of the bedrooms. Be sure to check out the space allocation for storage on each floor plan.


As far as levels, 3 bedroom apartment plans may be one story or two stories. One-story 3 bedroom/2 bath layouts are more common. The most popular layout includes an en-suite bathroom in the primary bedroom, plus a second full bathroom shared by the other 2 bedrooms. Depending on the size of the apartment unit, one of the bathrooms may include a full bathtub while the other may provide just a walk-in shower. So, if everyone in your family enjoys a soak, be sure to look for plans with 2 full bathtubs.

If the layout is two-story, you’ll often find a 1/2 bath downstairs with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. This configuration is also typical for townhomes and some condo complexes.

Outdoor Access

For apartment living, access to a private outdoor space, such as a balcony or patio, is often appreciated. It’s a great place to store bikes, scooters, and other sports gear. Access to the outside allows for al-fresco dining, a small play space, or to grow a patio garden in several pots.

Whether you are a family, a group of renters looking to share a larger space, or a couple who wants a separate guest room and office, there’s a 3 bedroom apartment plan out there for you.

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