Preparation Guide

To place your floor plan order, you will need to provide us with a blueprint, sketch or image of the floor plan you would like us to draw. For best results, use these tips and the symbol guide below to prepare your floor plan.

  • Include at least one measurement
  • Mark room names in English
  • Clearly mark furniture and fixed installations

Floor Plan Preparation Tips

  • You can use an existing floor plan or a hand-drawn sketch drawn on grid paper
  • Your floor plan must include at least one measurement
  • Mark room names clearly in English
  • Make sure your floor plan has correct proportions
  • Clearly mark furniture and fixed installations – use the Symbol Guide below for best results
  • The uploaded document must not exceed 16MB or 15000×15000 pixels
  • The supported file types are .jpg, .pdf, .png
  • For .dwg or .dwx files – convert to a .pdf before you upload
  • If you don’t have a digital file or scanner, take a picture of your blueprint or sketch to upload
  • Upload one blueprint for every floor / level in your project
  • If you upload a multipage PDF, indicate which page number corresponds to which level before you upload (We don’t receive the entire pdf file, just one page per level)
  • Check that the thumbnail displayed when you upload your floor plan is the correct floor plan for that level

Symbol Guide

Symbol Description
single-bed Single Bed
double-bed Double Bed
nightstand Nightstand
armchair Armchair
twoseater Two seater sofa
threeseater Three seater sofa
chaiselongue Chaise longue
coffeetable Coffee Table
chair Chair
twochairs Table with two chairs
fourchairs Table with four chairs
sixchairs Table with six chairs
tvflat TV (flat screen)
officechair Desk with office chair
fireplace Fireplace – square
fireplaceround Fireplace – round
fireplacecorner Fireplace – corner
tilestove Tile stove
Symbol Description
chimney Chimney
wash-square Washbasin – square
wash-round Washbasin – round
heater Water heater
toilet Toilet / WC
bathtub Bathtub
bathtub-corner Bathtub – corner bath
showercabin Shower cabin
washingmachine Washing machine
tumbledryer Tumble dryer
dishwasher Dishwasher
refrigerator Refrigerator
freezer Freezer
cbm-freezer Combined refrigerator / freezer
wardrobe Wardrobe
coockingstove Cooking stove standard – 4 hot plates
coockingstove-small Cooking stove small – 2 hot plates
cabinet-high Cabinet – high
Symbol Description
kitchen-bench Kitchen bench
kitchen-wall Kitchen bench with wall cabinets
door Door
double-door Double door
glass-door Glass door
slliding-door Sliding door
double-sliding-door Double sliding doors
open-doorway Open doorway
window Window
separeted-window Separated windows
connected-windoors Connected windows
roof-window Roof Window
north-direction North direction
balcony Balcony with railing
arrow-pointing-r Arrow pointing towards stairs means stairs are going up
arrow-pointing-l Arrow pointing away from stairs means stairs are going down
double-arrow Double arrow means stairs are going up and down (e.g.mid-floor)
spiral-stairs Spiral stairs – same directional rules as regular stairs

Need Help?

  • If you have questions before you place your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help.
  • If you have specific requirements, please let us know. We cater to lots of floor plan professionals and will try to help you as best we can.

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