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Do you have a property for sale? Make sure to include floor plans in your marketing! With RoomSketcher it’s easy to create fun, engaging and interactive floor plans, making sure your property for sale will be at the top of everyone’s list.

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” This program is a great tool… easy to use and intuitive … you don’t need to read lots of instructions before you get started. ”
Bob Meldrum, United Kingdom

Get ahead of the game – Make your Property for Sale stand out!

What is the biggest issue you face when you list a property for sale? It is getting the property noticed and having it stand out from the crowd. As someone trying to sell a house, you know that any property for sale needs to be presented in the best possible light so that homebuyers can see its true potential.

Marketing is key to getting your property for sale seen by the right people and then kept at the top of their list. Your marketing efforts must be different enough to capture the imagination of those interested in buying your property. That is why you need RoomSketcher. RoomSketcher allows you to create floor plans of your property for sale, allowing potential buyers to see the house from every angle from the comfort of their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

RoomSketcher can also help your marketing efforts if you have a non-traditional property for sale, such as a home needing major renovations. Many people cannot visualize what the property for sale will look like when completed, so they walk away without a second glance. With RoomSketcher, the buyer can see what the house will look like when all the work is done. Even a far-flung vacation property for sale can be sold more easily because buyers can “see” the property even if they live elsewhere.

With RoomSketcher, you are able to create both a traditional 2D and 3D floor plan that can not only be used in online marketing, but can be printed for more traditional marketing such as brochures and newspapers. But this is where it gets fun and interesting. In addition to the typical idea of a static floor plan, you can offer potential buyers the RoomSketcher Home Designer interactive experience. RoomSketcher Home Designer allows potential homebuyers to not only view the property for sale, but furnish it with brand name furniture and generic fixtures and fittings. Once they have personalized the property for sale, they can take a virtual 3D walk-through to truly experience its potential.

RoomSketcher customers find our online solutions fun, engaging and easy-to-use. When you choose to use RoomSketcher as the key to your marketing success, you create an exciting online experience for potential buyers and make your property for sale stand out from all others.

Professional Floor Plans

High resolution 2D and 3D Floor Plans are an essential component of real estate marketing. Show potential buyers the layout of your property for sale, both as a simple 2D Floor Plan, and as a stylish 3D Floor Plan furnished like a home.


RoomSketcher 360

Everyone wants to present their property for sale so that people can really experience how it is to stand right inside the room. Well now you can! With RoomSketcher 360, potential buyers get an interactive feel for the property.


Live 3D Floor Plans

When marketing a property for sale you want to present it so people can really experience how it is to stand right inside the room. Well now you can! With Live 3D Floor Plans, potential buyers get an interactive feel for the property. Potential homebuyers can take a virtual tour of the property and personalize the floor plan online. Great for providing a cool, interactive experience.


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” Thanks RoomSketcher. The product is simple and easy to use even for someone that is not computer savvy. ”
Mike, Homeowner, Sweden

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