Grand Half-Circle Concert Hall Plan

A raised platform in the shape of a semicircle allows the grand piano to be the center of attention in this grand half-circle concert hall plan. The audience seats can also be arranged in a semicircle, with an aisle in-between to aid movement. This half-circle arrangement makes music lovers feel like they are a part of the performance because they get to be closer to the pianist. There are two doors on each side of the platform which can be used by the pianist and staff members. The double doors across from the stage can be used by audience members. There's also room for two bars, with an elegant green granite finish, on either side of the hall. The warm brown wooden finish of the platform and the walls gives the hall a homey feel, despite the fact that it is quite spacious and can seat 48 audience members.

1589 sq ft
148 m2
1 Level

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