Full Narrow Bathroom Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style of interior decoration includes materials with a natural finish, such as wood and stone. You'll find these types of materials creating a feeling of warmth in this full narrow bathroom farmhouse style. When you enter the bathroom, the toilet (which has a wooden cover) is to the right. On the left are twin sinks in a gray stone finish, with matching twin mirrors. Under the sinks, there are wooden drawers and some storage space. There's a gray and white flowery print on the floor tiles which adds to the natural, farmhouse feel of the bathroom. There's a shower in one corner and a white, sculptural bathtub in another. There's are three windows in the bathroom, which provide a lot of natural light. Overall, this bathroom is an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Made by
Andrea Platzer
128 sq ft
12 m2
1 Level

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