Bedroom Plan

When you live together as a couple, you may often need to brush your teeth, shower and get dressed at the same time. This is why having two of everything comes in handy. In this bedroom plan, there's a double bed in the center of the bedroom, two closets and two chests of drawers. There's also a bay window which opens inwards. The bedroom is decorated in shades of brown and green, which gives it a natural feel. In the bathroom, there are twin showers and twin sinks. There's a sauna in the corner to help you get rid of all the kinks after a busy day. There's also a separate toilet. In one corner, adjoining a staircase, there's a small study area, with a desk, a chair and a long sideboard. This bedroom plan has everything you need for sleeping, relaxing, getting ready and getting some work done.

721 sq ft
67 m2
1 Level

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