Fresh Gym Design Idea

Even though this fresh gym design idea is only 821 square feet, you can fit 15 pieces of fitness equipment in it by lining them along the walls. Along one wall, you can place all the cardio equipment, including a stationary bike, a rowing machine and a treadmill. Along another wall, you can place weight machines, such as the leg press machine, an abdominal crunch machine and two leg extension machines. Along a third wall, you can have a pull-down machine, and along the fourth wall, you can place a weight rack, a couple of benches, kettlebells and a gym ladder. There are two entrances to the gym and a sink which will allow fitness enthusiasts to stay hydrated and cool off. There are also four mirrors which expand the wall space and allow gym goers to maintain good form.

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821 sq ft
76 m2
1 Level

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