Black and White Kitchen Design

If you're looking to make a bold statement with an unforgettable living space, look no further than this one-of-a-kind black and white kitchen design. Don't be fooled by this room's quaint size. With just 112 sq. ft., this contemporary kitchen area includes sleek black countertops, crisp white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. Windows positioned above both countertops help to make the space feel bigger and brighter. The design possibilities are limitless for the open-concept living space that is connected to the dramatic kitchen area. Slim, earth-toned stones adorn the room's walls, which simultaneously complement its understated tiled flooring and highlight the theatrical black and white elements in the kitchen area. Whether you bring in a traditional dining set or mix things up with a comfy seating arrangement, this unique kitchen area will undoubtedly become your new favorite hangout to relax, cook, and entertain in the comfort of your own home.

112 sq ft
10 m2
1 Level

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