Women's ADA Bathroom

Simple, modern, and wheelchair accessible, this women's ADA bathroom floorplan was created with functionality in mind. Through the doorway, you'll find a spacious walkway leading to four traditional stalls, four sinks, and a wheel-chair accessible stall. The first of the traditional stalls includes safety rails on both walls to accommodate individuals who may need them. Changing tables can be found in the corner of the wheel-chair accessible stall as well as in the main area of the bathroom. The four sinks are connected by crisp white counters and all offer plenty of space for a wheelchair to maneuver under and around them. A large mirror hangs over the sinks as well as one over the sink in the wheelchair accessible stall. Soft green tiles on the walls and grey chevron tiles on the floor give the space a contemporary yet subtle aesthetic.

329 sq ft
31 m2
1 Level

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