Front Yard Landscaping Layout

If you subdivide the space in your front yard, then you have room for a lot of things. In this front yard landscaping layout, there is one section with a concrete overlay which has a natural stone look and two smaller turfed areas. On the section with the concrete overlay, you can park a car and place a U-shaped couch with a coffee table. In one small, turfed section, you can place two lounge chairs and a coffee table, and in the larger turfed section, you can place a wooden table with two benches, covered with a lawn umbrella. You can also park bicycles in this area when they're not being used. When you enter the house through the front door, there's a small passageway with a couch and a staircase leading to the rest of the house.

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Site Plans
590 sq ft
55 m2
1 Level

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