Playful Front Yard Garden Decor

The entrance to this home has a zigzag feel which can be used to divide the front yard into three sections and create a playful front yard garden decor. The section in front of the main entrance has a concrete overlay with a stone look. It is situated a little higher than the sections on both sides, which are turfed. In the smaller turfed section, there's a dining table with six chairs and a grill, in case you feel like doing a little outdoor cooking. In the section with the concrete overlay, there are two lounge chairs in one corner, with a coffee table. In the other turfed section, which is slightly bigger, there are two swings for kids to play on and a wooden table with two benches, which creates a picnic type of feel. The concrete space is great for kids to ride their toy pedal bikes.

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Site Plans
668 sq ft
62 m2
1 Level

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