Luxury Backyard Garden Design With Swimming Pool

If you're going to decorate the interior of your home, then it makes sense to do the same with the exterior as well. This luxury backyard garden design with swimming pool makes great use of the available space to create a lounging, swimming and dining area in your backyard. As soon as you enter the backyard, there is a stone path which leads to the dining area. This area is partially covered by a roof with wooden slats, under which there is a circular dining table and four chairs. The stone path also branches out into a paved gravel path to the left. In the center of the backyard is a small swimming pool which is great for kids to play around in or for adults to take a dip. Next to the pool is a wood-floored lounging area where you can place two lounge chairs.

Made by
Franziska Voigt
630 sq ft
58 m2
1 Level

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