Functional Home Office With Earthy Tones

Designed to be your workday oasis, this functional home office with earthy tones is warm and inviting. Along the back wall of the office, find an L-shaped desk with space for a large computer monitor, keyboard, and office chair on one side, and filing cabinets for storage and organization on the other side. In the center of the room behind the office desk chair, find a comfortable sitting area with a foot rest atop a circular rug. This space is the perfect place to take a break from work, enjoy your lunch, or catch up on some reading away from your desk. Hardwood flooring offers a grounding, earthy feel, while brown walls complement the color palette of the space. Next to the desk, find space for a printing station, and on the walls, enjoy decorative artwork that ties the room together.

195 sq ft
18 m2
1 Level

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