Modern Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

There are various shades of blue and gray, warm wooden touches and pops of color in the modern office design ideas for small spaces you see in this layout. There's quite a large wooden desk which fits neatly into a nook in the wall. There are drawers under the desk and a comfortable rolling chair. In one corner of this layout, there's a plush loveseat and an armchair, with a coffee table between them and a cream rug on the floor. The window spanning the wall next to this seating arrangement gives it a lot of light, and there's also a corner lamp which helps to create a cozy atmosphere. There's a small table with a plant in one corner and a bookshelf along one wall. Altogether, this is a great space to get some work done, meet clients or relax.

160 sq ft
15 m2
1 Level

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